Vienna's Renegade Invaders 

Pics by Phreak 2.0 aka Christian Mayrhofer

Flying saucer-shaped UFO space invaders have been spotted around Vienna's "The Third Man" locations.

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 John Fekner: The Lost Words... Traces of Street Art Found 

Photos by Kringeladida

The mystery surrounding the Stanley Cup continues as stained and water damaged photographs were recently recovered from the banks of Wienfluss in Stadtpark. They are now confirmed to be part of the original contents of the missing Stanley Cup.
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 The Stanley Cup is Missing! 

Photos by Ari Fink and Phreak 2.0

The Stanley Cup is Missing! Der Stanley Cup Fehlt!

Mystery and intrigue surround the latest work by John Fekner and Don Leicht.

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 Benjamin Gaulon: Shooting a Graffiti created by TEMPT1 on the EyeWriter 

Photo by Claudio Farkasch
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 Brad Downey: Searching For Something Concrete 

Photo by Karl Schönswetter
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 Urban Concrete On Two Wheels 

Photo by Matthias Buchetics

Here are the pictures of the guided bike tour to the hotspots of this years BLK River festival. Thanks to our man Nicholas Platzer of Inoperable Galery, the guy who knows how to step in pedals. It all started on a rainy day, nevertheless there were about 30 people coming to see the art works of Know Hope, Brad Downey, Ox, Blu, Bastardilla, Sam3, John Fekner and Don Leicht.

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 SAM3 Enters the Market 

Photo by 40 k

Reduced to black and white, the silhouettes of Spanish artist SAM3 change the face of the Viennese Vorgartenmarkt. The walls of the market in the heart of the second district are now covered with warm and ironic stories about love, roots and nature.

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 Know Hope - For the homless hearts and anxious fingers 

Photo by Herbalizer

Young Tel Aviv artist Know Hope just finished his poetic yet melancholic work on the walls of the Donau Canal for BLK River Festival 2010

...directly opposited to the former jewish ghetto in the second district of Vienna.

 OX in Vienna: The power of colors cannot be denied 

Photo by OX

French artist OX takes over Austrian billboards and shows his approach to the Austrian flag in form of a huge sausage on former advertising spaces.
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 (Video clip) Graffiti Analysis - Point of view 

Photo by Phreak 2.0

Right after his artist talk at MQ/Raum D in connection with Museumsquartier, Beton Blumen and BLK River, Evan Roth performed a Graffiti Analysis presentation with two anonymous Viennese graffiti writers. Enjoy Evan's video clip Graffiti Analysis: POV - Awesome!

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From the legendary New York subwaytrains to contemporary stopmotion sessions: Streets on Screen presenting the very best of urban art on celluloid featuring Charlie Ahearn, John Fekner, Blu, Akay, Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf

Charlie Ahearn will be present, world premiering his new film "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

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 Bastardilla - From the city jungle of Bogota to the streets of Vienna 

Photo by Herbalizer

Bastardilla did one of her first-time artwork outside of Colombia for the BLK River Festival, showing up with a piece of beauty and sensuality.
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 BLU im Albener Hafen 

Photos by Oliver Jiszda

Within the scope of the BLK River Festival 2010, the Italian artist BLU - one of the most famous street artist worldwide - just finished his colossal new mural (Untitled/it is obvious) at the Albener Hafen in Vienna. An idea he already wanted to realize for years - now he has found the appropriate wall in Vienna.

 Pop Up Gallery Opening 

Photo by Herbalizer

Sept. 10 - Okt 02, Monday - Saturday, 12:00 - 20:00

Vorgartenmarkt  Messe
1020 Wien, Vorgartenmarkt Marktstand 13

The Vorgartenmarkt is surrounded by a several hundred meter long wall which is staged in the course of the BLK River Festival. During the festival markt stand 13 will be our festival center and our pop up gallery where you can get information, program folders, prints, gimmicks and the like...
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 BLK RIVER FESTIVAL 2010 - Muralism and Experimental Visual Strategies 

The Blk River Festival is one of the top international festivals devoted to street and urban art. Held ounce a year in Vienna, Austria, the festival has become an international institution, challenging the concept of street & urban art by combining a selection of the world's leading artists and local voices with an unsurpassed program of art, site-specific projects, installations, and special events along the Danube Canal and throughout the city of Vienna. Mid-September, artists, critics, curators, collectors and art-enthusiasts make Vienna their destination during The Blk River Art Festival. The festival has showcased artists such as State of Sabotage, Graffiti Research Lab, Evan Roth, Deep Inc., Christian Eisenberger, Chris Sergue, Brad Downey, BUSK, BLU and more...
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 Artists 2010

Artists 2010

  • Bastardilla
  • Benjamin Gaulon
  • Blu
  • Brad Downey
  • Charlie Ahearn
  • Deep Inc.
  • Dtagno
  • Ellis Gallagher
  • Evan Roth
  • John Fekner and Don Leicht
  • Know Hope
  • Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf
  • Ox
  • Sam3
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